• Bringing up a child is a very rewarding experience. But it is a challenging job, one that has tremendous responsibilities. It is a complex task and a lot of patience and understanding is required to give a good upbringing to the child. A child’s behavior and needs change in different stages of his life. A toddler’s needs are different from a pre-teen’s and a teenager has his own set of unique needs. A parent needs to understand the wants and needs of his young one. The role of a parent is of utmost importance as the child looks up to his parents. Therefore it is essential for parents to monitor the behavior of the child, understand his unique needs and come up with solutions to the problems he faces. A healthy parent-child relationship will ultimately reflect on the child making him a well-rounded individual. In this section, we will focus on the common issues facing pre-schoolers i.e. children from the age group of 2 to 5 years.

  • Parents Participation Programme 

  • We believe that nurturing your Kids requires a sound partnership between the School and the Home. Therefore , we have created a unique School – Home Partnership Programme – titled “ Synergy “. The word Synergy literally means “ coming together of two distinct influences for a common purpose“ . As a FORTUNA purpose you shall be a part of Synergy and you shall be invited to attend various Parents Participation Programmes , Parenting workshops , Performance ,parent & grandparent volunteer opportunities etc .thereby not only enhancing your parenting skills but also giving you an opportunity to send a message to your child that her life is important for you. Attending Synergy program results in bridging the communication gap between the home & the School. As a result , Fortuna`s Kids are better understood and they receive a healthy & a positive environment both at School and at Home .