• Start Your Own Pre-School with Fortuna Kids

  • Top 11 Advantages to Start a Pre School


    • A Positive work Environment and Respect from the Community.
    • A Growing Market – Awareness of Pre-School
    • Start Business with Low Investment.
    • Low Real Estate Cost – Prime Commercial location is not required
    • All Cash Business – No Credit
    • No Stress of unsold inventory and wastage
    • Easy Work Timing and Holidays as per children`s routine.
    • Minimal Government Interference.
    • No effect of Business Cycles.
    • Recession Free Sector .
    • High Level of Satisfaction as you lay the foundation for so many children`s Future.
  • FORTUNA Franchise 11 Advantage

    • Nationally Recognized Brand.
    • Quality assured – ISO- 9001: 2008 certified educational organization .
    • 100% management focus on running schools .
    • Proven Business Model that has delivered a robust ROI & Satisfaction for our Franchisee.
    • Flexibility for your Branch as a Pre-Primary School / Primary School / Secondary School and Senior Secondary School .
    • Provides Time tested Books, Publications and other learning resources.
    • Assistance in developing infrastructure and Designing interiors.
    • Continuous updates on current educational developments.
    • Dedicated Manager at your disposal to get resolution for all your queries.
    • Owned and Managed by highly qualified & most experienced Management Team in the Pre – School Industry .
    • Reasonable Franchise Fee and Royalty .
  • Fortuna Franchisee Advantage

  • A Brand name …

    Fortuna Kids …. A play school is a Brand name with Nation –wide recognition and reach . It offers excellent chances of success at minimum risk .

    Assistance in Staff Recruitment…

    Constant support in identifying and recruiting qualified staff to enable excellence in academics and administration , that too at your doorstep , without any extra fee / charge .

    Orientation program for prospective parents …

    An orientation program for prospective parents to make them realize the importance of a play school in a child`s life and what role FORTUNA is going to play in their child`s development .

    Feedback on Monthly School Reports…

    Unique reporting system of the staff`s hard work and efforts , based on their performance , we have our own ways to appreciate and applaud them .We invite Monthly report from Principal , Counsellors and Teachers in soft copy (through E mail ) .

  • Start – up Assistance ….

    A Team of professionals having the experience and knowledge to transform your venture from the start to a profitable and continuously growing business .

    R & D support …

    Research for the latest and the best methods , techniques , tools and other academics material is a non –ending process . Our R&D is ever active to support you academically .

    Manuals to guide from set up to everything …

    Activities , Festivals , sport day , Anuual Day & many more – you name it . There are manuals to guide and groom for almost everything .

    Continuous Monitoring System …

    Visit of our Team of professionals on regular basis to support and guide you to reach the success .

    Available of E- mail …

    We will provide personalized E mail to your centre like

  • Five Year corporate support

    A long term business agreement based on the principle of sustainable business growth and brand enhancement . This includes non stop 5 years support by the corporate office . Of course , there is a facility of renewing the agreement by paying renewable fee .

    Material Suuply ….

    Single window supply of all school related material like .. Furniture , equipement , forms , Montessori tools , teaching aids and toys etc to help establish a system and process in your school . Superbly devised admission kits – Books , school bags , uniforms and other stationary for each and every class . The Kits have simple set of instructions to guide young children . . subject to availability of logistic post service at your place .

    Expert Guidance in Interiors…..

    Guidance for school interiors layout , school design and renovation . A well – developed & complete manual to solve interior – related queries .

    Dedicated Relationship Manager ….

    Experienced professional totally dedicated to provide continuous guidance to handle day –to – day queries , orders etc .

  • A Unique Training Module …

    Skill enhancement workshop / Training at the corporate office to equip the staff with ongoing innovations . The Trainers include expert from various field . This is additional to any training provided at individual schools .

    Training for Teachers / Counsellors ….

    Comprehensive teacher training programs on curriculum , setting up the environment and documentation conducted at regular intervals . Workshops for counselor on effective enquiry conversion and confidence building on reglar basis to keep up their positivity .

    Reimbursement of Advertisement …

    Advertisement is an intergral and important part of any business . We offer 25 % reimbursement on Newspaper ads and Hoardings .

    Sales & Marketing Guidance ….

    Design for Brochures , Leaflets , Posters , audio – visual commercials as and when developed shall be sent as per the policy. We also have various gift for business promotion .

  • FORTUNA – 07 Star Support System & Franchisee Requirement

  • Our 07 Star Support

    • Best Quality of Academics .
    • Branch Set – up.
    • Rigorous Training and Recruitments .
    • Marketing Support .
    • IT support .
    • Vendors and Suppliers .
    • Practical Approach for Administration .
  • Our Requirements :

    Initial :
    Area : Minimum 2000-2500 Sq Ft
    Investment includes – Franchise Fee & Cost of setting up the branch (as given below)
    Franchise Fee – 1,05,000 INR + service tax
    Cost of Equipment & Infrastructure – 4,00,000 INR app
    As royalty, we take 15% + service tax of the collection.

    To qualify to be a Fortuna Kids Franchisee you will need to possess a Building having minimum area of 2000 – 2500 sq feet or more (self owned or rented) in a quiet , tranquil and peaceful locality . The premises should be on the ground floor with an open outdoor area to match which will act as the outdoor play area .The premises should also have independent access, attached toilet facilities and should be well ventilated. Preference will be accorded to independent house with above mentioned minimum.

    The initial investment will be in the range of INR. 4, 00,000/- to INR. 5, 00,000/- The initial investment would be towards ambience and the equipments costs and would include the start up franchisee.

    Please also note that the initial investment is dependent on the model of the Pre – School and could vary based on the location and other factors.

    All the potential franchisees are carefully screened to ensure that they would match the FORTUNA spirit . Each branch is then carefully selected after considering the viability of the project. We personally ensure the success of each of our branches and take pride in the fact that all our branches are doing well.

    The Selected franchisee will undergo an extensive training program on the business strategies for owing and operating a successful Pre School .In addition to these franchisee and their staff members will receive initial and continuous training for the FORTUNA curriculum and the delivery method facilities.

    But the fundamental requirement to be a Fortuna franchisee is the commitment to help carry forward our ambition of making learning a fun experience for Kids. So if you love working with children FORTUNA is the best opportunity you could ask for !